Reduce maintenance and downtime in rail transport

Cleanfix reversible fans make rail cars more reliable and prevent long maintenance times

Nothing causes more drama than lengthy maintenance work when a rail car breaks down. After all, trains must run on time and high costs must be avoided. Cleanfix reversible fans significantly extend the maintenance intervals of rail cars, reduce service costs, and lower fuel consumption.

The fan blades are switched at full speed to the blow-out position at the touch of a button. The resulting air flow cleans contamination from the rail car’s radiator using a high cleaning pressure.

Cleanfix reversible fans are now used in rail cars all over the world. Whether it is for transporting passengers or freight, railways are an increasingly important form of transport. This makes it all the more important to increase the efficiency and reliability of rail cars. You can also retrofit existing rail cars with a Cleanfix installation kit.

Retrofit kits

Discover the advantages of Cleanfix reversible fans for rail cars. How it works: The radiators are cleaned by briefly and effectively reversing the air flow. The blades then return to their original position and cool the engine at full power. This all happens automatically at full speed – without requiring any maintenance downtime.

Do you want to reduce the maintenance intervals of your rail cars and prevent stoppages? Get in touch!

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