Full power even during extremely long forestry operations

Cleanfix reversible fans keep your forestry machines operating safely.

Forestry machines are normally used under extreme working conditions. Dust, dirt, and wood chips clog radiators, which can lead to overheating, higher fuel consumption, loss of power, or even total machine failure. But operators cannot afford long maintenance periods for cleaning radiators, especially in forestry applications – machines have to be able to perform every day at full capacity for hours at a time.

Cleanfix reversible fans regularly remove dirt deposits from the radiator in seconds. The air flow is reversed, blowing the dirt out of the cooling fins. This improves cooling performance and reduces fuel consumption while increasing machine performance and durability.

Cleanfix reversible fans are now installed in all kinds of forestry machines worldwide, including forestry tractors, felling cranes, harvesters, stump grinders, transport vehicles, and forwarders. Manufacturers of all renowned brands use Cleanfix technology in their machines, either as standard or on request. You can also equip your existing forestry machines with a Cleanfix installation kit to suit you.

Retrofit kits

A Cleanfix reversible fan promises a return on investment after just 18 months.

When a radiator is dirty, the machine’s fan requires approximately 8 kW/h more drive power than it does with a clean radiator.

Example calculation:

Additional costs for fuel: 936 €/year
Additional costs for maintenance: 1,125 €/year
You save: 2,061 €/year

Calculation basis: Machine with 250 HP, 40% pollution, 900 operating hours per year, 2.6 l/h consumption, radiator cleaning: 15 min. every 90 days.
Potential production losses due to overheating (at least 50 EUR/h) were not considered.

Therefore, a Cleanfix reversible fan promises a return on investment after just 18 months, without taking into account prevented production losses.

Irrespective of this specific example, using Cleanfix technology can help you save between €1,100 and €4,500 per year, depending on operating hours and machine utilization. This ensures the fan is able to pay for itself even more rapidly.

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