Cleanfix Reversible Fans

Proven in the dustiest, dirtiest working conditions throughout the world, Cleanfix reversible fans provide the most efficient diesel engine cooling and radiator cleaning available.

Efficient Cooling

Cleanfix reversible fans are geared to the cooling requirements of your machine. This reduces the fan’s power consumption.

Convenient Reversing

During operation at full speed, you activate reversal of the fan blades to the blow-out setting at the touch of a button.

Effective Cleaning

Thanks to the optimal orientation of the blade profile, you benefit from strong cleaning air flow and cleaning pressure. Only this technology effectively cleans your radiator.

Cleanfix Press Release

Karl Hägele Passes Company Leadership to Next Generation

Karl Hägele recently retired from his management position, transferring sole ownership of the companies to CEO Benjamin Hägele. Likewise remaining as CEO is Steffen Hägele, also Karl’s son. “I joyfully announce this transition,” says Karl, “and am very grateful to all involved for this positive, successful and truly progressive restructuring.”

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Experience the reversing difference

More Horsepower

The Cleanfix Fan provides up to 27 hp more power for more bite.

Increased Productivity

The Cleanfix fan cleans at full speed without any interruption of work.

Powerful Cleaning

The Cleanfix Fan automatically pushes the dirt away from the radiator at adjustable intervals.

Fuel Saving

The Cleanfix Fan keeps the radiator clean, saving up to 4 kW compared to dirty radiators.

Less Downtime

The Cleanfix Fan extends the maintenance and cleaning intervals.

Optimized Cooling

The Cleanfix Fan adjusts its blade angles according to the cooling requirements.

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