Non-stop harvest at full cooling capacity

Cleanfix reversible fans increase the efficiency of your tractors and agricultural machinery

Clean radiators boost the performance of your agricultural machines and keep them running for longer. Farmers are the first to know that during the harvest, agricultural machines, combine harvesters, and tractors are in use around the clock. There is no time for maintenance downtimes to clean a tractor’s radiator. But if the radiator is not functioning properly, you risk reduced performance or even machine damage. Cleanfix reversible fans offer the most effective solution to cool engines and clean radiators.

  • Full power at all times: Contamination reduces your machine’s performance. Cleanfix reversible fans provide up to 27 HP more power in just a matter of seconds.
  • Increased productivity: Cleanfix reversible fans clean at full speed – no more maintenance downtimes required!
  • Powerful cleaning: The radiator is blown free of contamination at the touch of a button or after pre-set time intervals.
  • Less fuel consumption: Good for the environment and for running costs! Save up to 4 KWh thanks to a radiator that is free of contamination.
  • Hardly any downtime: The machine doesn’t run hot and you can extend your maintenance intervals.
  • Always perfectly cooled: The Cleanfix reversible fan adjusts its blade angle precisely to the cooling requirements of your machine.

Cleanfix reversible fans are now installed in new machines ex works by renowned brands around the world. Either by customer request or directly in standard manufacturing. Cleanfix reversible fans ensure that the radiator is effectively cleaned in seconds thanks to the powerful reversal of the air flow. And best of all: You can also retrofit your existing machines with a Cleanfix installation kit.

Retrofit kits

A Cleanfix reversible fan promises a return on investment after just 18 months.

When a radiator is dirty, the machine’s fan requires approximately 8 kW/h more drive power than it does with a clean radiator.

Example calculation:

Additional costs for fuel: 936 €/year
Additional costs for maintenance: 1,125 €/year
You save: 2,061 €/year

Calculation basis: Machine with 250 HP, 40% pollution, 900 operating hours per year, 2.6 l/h consumption, radiator cleaning: 15 min. every 90 days.
Potential production losses due to overheating (at least 50 EUR/h) were not considered.

Therefore, a Cleanfix reversible fan promises a return on investment after just 18 months, without taking into account prevented production losses.

Irrespective of this specific example, using Cleanfix technology can help you save between €1,100 and €4,500 per year, depending on operating hours and machine utilization. This ensures the fan is able to pay for itself even more rapidly.

Tractors, harvesters, and other engine-driven agricultural machines must work reliably and effectively during operating hours. Cleanfix fans make it easier to manage the hectic periods of the year by significantly minimizing maintenance downtimes.

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