Cleanfix in Action

There are numerous powerful machines equipped with CLEANFIX fans. Here they are in action.

Proven in the dustiest, dirtiest working conditions throughout the world, CLEANFIX reversible fans provide the most efficient diesel engine cooling and radiator cleaning available. Only Cleanfix has the cleaning power to keep all of these machines working all day, every day.

Cleanfix Testimonial

What do Cleanfix customers say?

Alexander Korn (CEO at Korn Recycling GmbH, Germany)

"Today we only clean once a day with high air pressure. Our experience in the past has been that the fine-meshed cooling-fins became increasingly clogged up. We had to clean manually, on an hourly basis and that meant 10 to 15 minutes with high-pressure air. In addition, once a day we had to clean all the coolers with high-pressure steam. By using Cleanfix fans, we saved at least two hours per day, per machine."

Experience the reversing difference.

Animation that shows the function of CLEANFIX fans in tractors.

Tractors, harvesting machinery and materials handlers working in agriculture have to work reliably and efficiently with working hours often dictated by the weather during busy periods. CLEANFIX fans help to keep your machines moving during critical times of the year by reducing service downtime and maximising engine cooling efficiency.

Hägele – Innovation meets quality | Image Video

The Hägele company in Germany, specializes in the production of reversible fans.

Production & Quality

The key part in manufacturing CLEANFIX reversible fans and electronic components is quality assurance. In different stages of production the products are checked and tested on functionality, durability and precision. The quality of CLEANFIX fan systems has been endorsed by market-leading manufacturers around the world.

Introducing CEO Steffen Hägele

Steffen Hägele (CEO at Hägele GmbH, Germany)

We want to take you behind the scenes and introduce some of the creative and passionate people working for the global fan manufacturer Hägele GmbH. In today's episode, CEO Steffen Hägele talks about growing up in a family-owned business, working side-by-side with his brother Benjamin and his love for cooking.

Research & Development

Cleanfix Reversible Fans: Tested for the toughest conditions.

Farmers and contractors around the world have come to rely on CLEANFIX Reversible Fans to keep their tractors, sprayers, harvesters, loaders and other machinery running cool and clean at all times. Failure is simply not an option for them … nor for CLEANFIX.

That is why CLEANFIX devotes full resources to product research and development, ongoing analysis and rigourous testing. Before any Reversing Fan is shipped from CLEANFIX, it is subjected to the most modern of testing equipment and procedures.

Cleanfix Technology