John Deere equipped with Cleanfix reversible fan | © Fotolia; Valentin Valkov

CLEANFIX Reversible Fans

For owners and operators of agricultural machinery, the clean solution is called CLEANFIX.

Proven in the dustiest, dirtiest working conditions throughout the world, Cleanfix reversible fans provide the most efficient diesel engine cooling and radiator cleaning available. The multi-patented reversing fan technology maintains machine cooling as needed while, when required, also providing the strongest blowout of dust and debris available in the farm, forestry, processing and earthmoving equipment markets.

Best of all, with CLEANFIX reversible fans, there is no need for equipment operators to halt or slow machine production during the cleanout process. With this all-in-one solution, you and your tractor can keep working at full speed. There is no stopping, no maintenance, no hassle, no problem … only maximum productivity at all times.



Cooling as required

Automatic reversing

Powerful cleaning

Why CLEANFIX Reversible Fans?

- Your machine will continually have a cleaned, unclogged radiator.

- There is no requirement for work interruptions to clean the radiator.

- Engine cooling is maintained at or even beyond the capabilities of standard fans.

- A clean, unclogged radiator will save fuel and provide additional horsepower.

- The all-in-one reversing fan solution does not require ongoing maintenance.

- Operator comfort is controlled, consistent and continuous.

- There is a one-year warranty on all CLEANFIX reversible fans.

- Hydraulic or pneumatic actuation is available depending on the machine’s requirements.

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Efficient Equipment Owners Rely on CLEANFIX

John Deere 6150R equipped with Cleanfix reversible fan | © J & J Burnett Ltd.

MATT SMITH ( J & J Burnett Ltd., England)

"During the harvest we had to stop every one and a half hours to clean the radiators. This alone took 10 to 15 minutes, which is now replaced by simply pressing a button to temporarily switch the airflow of the fan. One must not forget that we also had stopped the tractors with the trailers, the sorting belt and the drivers, so the real cost savings with the Cleanfix reversible fan is enormous."

Leading Equipment Manufacturers Choose CLEANFIX

FENDT 900 Vario (MY2020)

“Detail that makes the difference. Cleanfix reversible fan - Clean the radiator grille separately by completely reversing the air flow direction - Maximum fuel efficiency with cooling capacity adjusted to the needs of each part” - The all-new Fendt 900 Vario tractors from AGCO -

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