Leading the industry in reversible fan technology

The most recognized equipment manufacturers in the world have made CLEANFIX their choice for reversible and variable pitch fans. Beyond factory installations, many machines can also be retrofitted with an installation kit purchased direct from CLEANFIX.

CASE Patriot 50 Series Sprayers

"For operators in conditions with high amounts of field debris, a reversing engine fan option clears the grill screen and cooling cores — so you’re always running under optimal conditions."


"Overheated engines? Cooler clogged? Not with us! VIROC relies on Cleanfix's revolutionary reversing fan. Even in extreme conditions on the steep slopes of our vineyards, Cleanfix's "reversing difference" guarantees optimal cooling and automatic cleaning of the fan, and thus significantly longer flawless use of our equipment carrier."

LINDNER Lindtrac 115 LS

"Dirt, pollen, plant debris, and similar substances are drawn into the radiator grille along with the cooling air. This causes the engine to overheat. With this reversible fan, the blades are pneumatically turned in the direction to blow out either at the touch of a button or controller by a timer – which “instantaneously cleans” the radiator and the grille."

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"Thanks to the Cleanfix reversible fan, clogged radiators and overheating are a thing of the past, even on the hottest days in a vineyard. A clean radiator helps keep our engines cool even in extreme conditions."

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HAAS Recycling-Systems TYRON Pre-Shredder

"HAAS products are known for their high durability. This starts with the selection of high-quality components! The shredding of a wide variety of materials is nearly always associated with enormous dust generation. The Cleanfix®(Cleanfix Fans) reversing fan is designed to contribute to optimum cooling and extend the service life of machines in day-to-day dusty working conditions. Cleanfix® fans automatically blow out dirt from the cooler at adjustable time intervals and reduce maintenance and cleaning work. You benefit from minimised downtime, significant fuel savings, more power and therefore more bite!"

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FENDT 200 V/F/P Vario

"The optional reversible fan quickly and easily cleans the cooler without any downtime, to make your work efficient. A high-performance cooler unit, the high-performance air filter and reversible fan reduce the maintenance work needed to allow continuous operation with no interruption."

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"More hp for more bite - The variable fan draws in no more air than is needed. This releases or saves reserve capacity according to the work and power requirements, which significantly increases the Fendt Katana's overall efficiency. Thanks to the fan's reverse function, dirt is pushed away from the radiator at adjustable intervals by changing the air flow. The radiator therefore always performs at it’s full cooling capacity and the cleaning intervals become longer"

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FENDT 900 Vario (MY2020)

“Detail that makes the difference. Cleanfix reversible fan - Clean the radiator grille separately by completely reversing the air flow direction - Maximum fuel efficiency with cooling capacity adjusted to the needs of each part”
OMC AR400 equipped with Cleanfix reversible fan | © Orchard Machinery Corporation


"Customers tell us with a hydraulic reversing Cleanfix fan the machines run COOL in extreme heat and has less need for maintenance."

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Mercedes Benz Unimog 400 equipped with Cleanfix reversible fan | © Daimler AG


"The cooling system is dimensioned for high ambient temperatures, low driving speeds and dirty applications for example the mowing operation. The radiator is characterised by high operational reliability, an increased cooling efficiency and long cleaning intervals."

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Porter QuadTrax equipped with Cleanfix reversible fan | © Porter


"All Porter Tractors are now equiped with reversing Cleanfix Fans to remove debris from the radiator and ensure that your engine is running cool."

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"The Cleanfix reversible fan improving comfort in dust-intense applications like mowing, front loader work or grain carting behind a combine. Customer benefits: Cleaning the radiator only by pressing a button, without leaving the cab / Optimum, efficient, and adapted cooling for dust-intense applications / One-year warranty through the John Deere dealer / John Deere approved quality."


"The cooler is equipped with a Cleanfix on all models and blows itself free every 15 minutes. The Cleanfix reversible fan ensures that the combined cooler is always clean."