The new Fendt Katana 650 is optionally equipped with a Cleanfix reversible fan

FENDT states: “The Cleanfix variable pitch fan draws in no more air than is needed. This releases or saves reserve capacity according to the work and power requirements, which significantly increases the Fendt Katana's overall efficiency. Thanks to the fan's reverse function, dirt is pushed away from the radiator at adjustable intervals by changing the air flow. The radiator therefore always performs at its full cooling capacity and the maintenance intervals become longer.” And, to top it all off: "Installation of the Cleanfix Reversing Fan provides up to 20 kW or 27 hp more power".


Together, Fendt and Cleanfix bring precision and efficiency to a whole new level!


Optimized Cooling - Increased Productivity - Powerful Cleaning.

With the ability to cool and clean, the Cleanfix Reversible Fan stands apart from conventional fans in heavy machines. Our variable pitch function automatically adjusts the blade angle, according to the machine's cooling requirements. The optimized cooling saves fuel and reduces the fan's power consumption by up to 60%. Through the reversing function of the blades, airflow is adjusted without any interruption to work.

To see our powerful fan in a powerful machine, check out the video.


During the busy times of the year, having to stop your machine to clean out clogged radiators is simply not an option.

With the reversing function of Cleanfix Fans, the blades switch around, changing the airflow. The right profile allows the fan to blow out dirt with full power.

Efficient cooling

Cleanfix reversible fans are geared to the cooling requirements of your machine. This reduces the fan’s power consumption.

Effective cleaning

Thanks to the optimal orientation of the blade profile, you benefit from strong cleaning air flow and cleaning pressure. Only this technology effectively cleans your radiator.


Experience the reversing difference


The Cleanfix Fan provides up to 27 hp more power for more bite.


The Cleanfix fan cleans at full speed without any interruption of work.


The Cleanfix Fan automatically pushes the dirt away from the radiator at adjustable intervals.


The Cleanfix Fan keeps the radiator clean, saving up to 4 kW compared to dirty radiators.


The Cleanfix Fan extends the maintenance and cleaning intervals.


The Cleanfix Fan adjusts its blade angles according to the cooling requirements.

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