New Holland Workmaster | Special tractor for poultry houses!

The special model for poultry farms contains a Cleanfix reversible fan as standard.

The tractor has a Cleanfix fan with air reversing function. Productivity is significantly increased by automatically blowing springs away from the grill at the touch of a button. This means you do not have to get off the tractor to clean the front grill.

Did you know that a chicken can have up to 8000 feathers?

That is a lot – and for a poultry farmer this poses quite a challenge. Feathers will clog the front grill of the tractor. This is why New Holland equipped the poultry-specific model of their WORKMASTER tractors with the Cleanfix reversible fan. By reducing the number of times the farmer has to dismount the tractor to clear the radiator, the Cleanfix increases productivity around the farm.


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