Success story

The legacy of german craftsmanship continues with CLEANFIX: The evolution of reversible cooling fan.

2021 - Karl Hägele Passes Company Leadership to Next Generation

Karl Hägele recently retired from his management position, transferring sole ownership of the companies to CEO Benjamin Hägele. Likewise remaining as CEO is Steffen Hägele, also Karl’s son. “I joyfully announce this transition,” says Karl, “and am very grateful to all involved for this positive, successful and truly progressive restructuring.”

2020 - Fabian Opitz Named Director of Sales Worldwide for Cleanfix Fans

Hägele GmbH, the global manufacturer of Cleanfix Reversible Fans, is pleased to announce the appointment of Fabian Opitz to the position of Director of Sales Worldwide. A Process Engineer by trade, Opitz joined Hägele GmbH in 2019 as Key Account Manager, and quickly immersed himself into both the Cleanfix Fans organization and the global farm and construction equipment sectors. In his new position, he will continue to be based at the Hägele head office in Schorndorf, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
Steffen Hägele managing director of Haegele GmbH | © Hägele GmbH

2019 - Steffen Hägele strengthening the management

Having newly joined his eldest brother Benjamin as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the successful family enterprise, “it’s such an honor” for Steffen Haegele to help lead the organization and its various properties into the next and future
Milestone for Cleanfix: Handover of 100.000th reversible fan | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix

2019 - Milestone for Cleanfix

Handover of 100.000th reversible fan. More than 120,000 fans produced worldwide.
ISO 9001 Certification of the Canadian branch | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix

2018 - ISO 9001 Certification of the Canadian branch

The Cleanfix branch in Canada is certified pursuant to ISO 9001 standards.


Cleanfix Germany is growing: New technologies and ideas need more space!
New hydraulic sealing system with the Clean-Genius from Hägele GmbH | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix

2017 – Product innovation: Hydrotary

The leakage return line was developed based on a development order from John Deere. It is designed for use with the belt variator of a cooling fan. Market launch is planned for this autumn.
Benjamin Hägele managing director of Haegele GmbH | © Stadtverwaltung Schorndorf

2017 - Strengthening the management

Since January 2017 Benjamin Hägele has been supporting the management of the successful family enterprise Hägele GmbH as 2nd managing director, in addition to his father Karl Hägele. From 2009 to 2011 Benjamin Hägele lived in Canada to establish there the branch in Stratford. Already since 2009 he was acting successfully as managing director in Stratford/Canada, and since 2012 he did the same job in Ankara/Turkey.
Large expansion of the testing department of Haegele GmbH | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix


Fan test stations, heat bath, acid bath, climatic chamber, leak test station (for fans and components), test stand for electrical components.
New building of Cleanfix branch in Canada | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix


Good business makes further property investment a necessity! At the new site in Stratford, Canada can evolve Cleanfix over the years.
New hydraulic Cleanfix reversible fans H162, H222, H252 | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix


Launch of hydraulic reversible fans. The fan is now also sealed in the case of leakage with the patented smart seal system.
New CNC machines at Haegele GmbH | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix


Investments are again made in CNC manufacturing for major components.
New Cleanfix reversible fan C252 | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix


Thanks to a new housing coupled with a new blade, a Cleanfix reversible fan is created with a diameter of up to 1300mm.
Cleanfix branch in Turkey | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix


Customer satisfaction is important to us: Therefore CLEANFIX starts its own production, sales and service centre in Turkey through the establishment of the company CLEANFIX Makina.
Cleanfix branch in Canada | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix


Customer orientation is a part of the CLEANFIX concept: CLEANFIX North America Ltd. starts in Canadian Stratford in its own building with manufacturing, service and operations.
DLG gold medal for Cleanfix  Pulstronic | © DLG e. V.


Another highlight of this year is the DLG Silver Medal, which is awarded for the CLEANFIX Pulstronic reversible fan at Agritechnica in Germany.
Own wind canel of Haegele GmbH for testing of Cleanfix reversible fans | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix


A separate wind tunnel is developed and put into operation in collaboration with the University of Karlsruhe.
New building of Heagele GmbH | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix


The headquarters in Germany moves into a new building.
New CNC machines at Haegele GmbH | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix


In this year the company is investing heavily in CNC and automation technology. This is to self-manufacture components of the Cleanfix reversible fan.
Cleanfix reversible fan with Flex-Tips | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix


Cleanfix develops the Flex-Tips. The CLEANFIX reversible fan becomes even more efficient.
New Cleanfix reversible fans C220, C225, C300 | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix


New fan hubs are created.
ISO 9001 certification | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix


The company is certified pursuant to ISO 9001 standards.
Cleanfix reversible fan with thermal actuators for blade adjustment | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix


The CLEANFIX VP (variable pitch) reversible fan is introduced. This can thermostatically adapt its blades to cooling requirements.
Map of Cleanfix sales network | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix


The distribution of CLEANFIX reversible fans develops worldwide.
DLG gold medal for Cleanfix reversible fans | © DLG e. V.


The CLEANFIX reversible fan is awarded a gold medal at Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany.
First CLEANFIX reversible fan with fan blades of metal | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix


The first CLEANFIX reversible fan is developed and a patent is applied for. Trademark registration of the brand CLEANFIX®.
Haegele open view tractor in front of agricultural machinery shop Haegele in Schorndorf, Germany | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix

1990 - Hägele GmbH is established

The brothers Karl and Martin Hägele are positioned as Managing Directors.
Tractor with Haegele cab suspension | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix


Continuous developments and conversions are made to agriculture machines in the 80s, where retrofit solutions mainly emerge: Schwenkfix, a device for a safe pivoting of rotary mowers from working to transport position. Swingstop, a hydro-pneumatic lift- and front loader suspension allows 40 km/h tractors to drive 40km/h with accessory equipment for the first time. Open view tractors are designed and rebuilt. The cab suspension is developed and presented at Agritechnica in the early 90s.
Agricultural machinery dealer Frank in Schorndorf, Germany | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix


The agricultural machinery company Frank in Schorndorf, Germany, is bought by Hägele.
Agricultural machinery shop of Ludwig Haegele at Schorndorf, Germany | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix

1958 - How it all began

The company founder, Ludwig Hägele, set up an agricultural machinery shop in Göggingen, Germany.