Customer orientation is a part of the CLEANFIX concept.

Clean radiators are pure joy. The success of this brand message is probably nowhere more evident than here: CLEANFIX fans are installed ex works by well-known brands worldwide. Either on customer request or directly in series. In addition, many machines can also be retrofitted with the CLEANFIX installation kit.


"We are very satisfied with the Cleanfix fan. With it, we were able to increase the performance of the tractor, offer the driver more comfort and reduce maintenance costs. The driver does not have to dismount every 5 to 6 rows to clean so that the tractor can continue to run and is at full capacity. This is how we make up minutes."

SHAWN BARBER (CEO at Barber Custom Ag, USA)

"Cleanfix reversible fan that we installed on this New Holland TV 140 tractor a few years ago has been the biggest life saver for this thing when we are haying with it. A compressor mounted inside the cab timed at 15 minutes will pump air to the fan to change the direction of the fan blades to reverse the airflow to clean out the radiator and oil coolers. Once the air releases, springs return each fan blade back to normal run position."
JackRabbit JackRunner equipped with Cleanfix reversible fan | © Jackrabbit Equipment

DUSTIN BOOTHE (Director of Engineering & Service at Jackrabbit, California, USA)

"Truth be told. This is the best product of it's type in the world. I recommend it to anyone who has the potential of overheating an engine due to a blockage from debris on the radiator."
Test | © J & J Burnett Ltd.

MATT SMITH ( J & J Burnett Ltd., England)

"During the harvest we had to stop every one and a half hours to clean the radiators. This alone took 10 to 15 minutes, which is now replaced by simply pressing a button to temporarily switch the airflow of the fan. One must not forget that we also had stopped the tractors with the trailers, the sorting belt and the drivers, so the real cost savings with the Cleanfix reversible fan is enormous."
Sennebogen 818 Elektro equipped with Cleanfix reversible fan | © SENNEBOGEN Maschinenfabrik GmbH

IAN SANDERSON (Site Manager at MidUK Recycling Ltd., England)

"Both the compact dimensions and the efficient cooling system including a reversible fan makes the Sennebogen material handler the right tool for the job. This special fan design in which the rotor blades change their angle to reverse the flow of air instead of reversing the fan itself allows dust to be effectively ejected and increases the life of the components."
Massey Ferguson 5455 equipped with Cleanfix reversible fan | © Tico Pacas S.A.

LUIS POZUELO (Tico Pacas S.A., Costa Rica)

"I have been using the tractor for over a month with the fan installed and has worked better than expected. Installation went really easy no problems at all except for choosing a location for the valve. The benefits for me have been: a 5 – 10 degrees cooler engine temperature No wasting time cleaning radiator during work (1 Hr aprox saved time in a 10Hr day work). I don’t have a fuel savings measures however if obvious as we don't need to be cleaning the radiator there is a lower fuel and higher working rates. I'm really happy for your product.”
Caterpillar 966F equipped with Cleanfix reversible fan | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix

COLIN KEIS (CEO at Tru-Way Enterprises, Canada)

„Our vehicles operate in a high dust environment when unloading and moving the wood chips into the mills. As a result, we were facing increasing issues with overheating and extensive maintenance. For us, the Cleanfix system has made a significant difference. We can definitely see the impact on our daily routine.. The radiator is no longer clogged, the engine runs much cooler, and we were able to reduce the number of maintenance and cleaning intervals. Overall, we have become much more efficient.“
Ship excavator equipped with Cleanfix reversible fan | © Bristol Port Company

PAUL OSBORNE (Development engineer at Bristol Port Company, England)

„Working with grain such as the animal feeds can be dusty and machines need to be cleaned regularly to ensure maximum safety and performance. Before, we had to lift the units out of the hull to clean out the radiators and engine areas while the machines cool down. But now, equipped with CLEANFIX, they can run until the fuel tanks are empty, significantly reducing down time. This is possibly one of the smallest items we have purchased, but it's the little things that make a real difference.“
Loglogic Softrak 75 equipped with Cleanfix reversible fan | © Loglogic

MARCUS FRANKPITT (Owner of Loglogic, England)

"We have fitted the Cleanfix fan on several of our Softrak low ground pressure tracked vehicles. Harvesting crops such as old reed with our 'Cut and Collect System' generates huge amounts of dust and chaff and blocking of radiators and intake grills and if not cleaned regularly subsequent overheating has been an issue. Fitting the Cleanfix fan in conjunction with an up-rated cooling package has completely transformed the Softrak's cooling performance. Cleaning is now just a push of a button."
Timberjack 1270D equipped with Cleanfix reversible fan | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix

RICK DELANEY (Managing Partner at Delaney Forest Products, Canada)

„Modern heavy equipment, such as logging machines, demand high performance cooling; this requires higher air flow, which can lead to higher accumulation of dust and debris that clogs radiators and air intake screens. We were having trouble when pine pollen starts. The pollen was so thick and heavy that machines would have to be idled four times a day to blow the dust and debris out of the radiators and intake screens. The Cleanfix fans have made all the difference. I’m installing them on all the forwarders. I don’t think a machine should be without them. The machine runs a lot cooler” with the Cleanfix® reversible fans. Benefits of using the Cleanfix® reversible fans to periodically purge debris from heat exchangers and intake screens go well beyond reducing stress to the engine cooling system. Properly operating cooling systems preserve the life of the engine and hydraulic components.“
TEREX FUCHS MHL 340 equipped with Cleanfix reversible fan | © Hägele GmbH - Cleanfix

ALEXANDER KORN (CEO at Korn Recycling GmbH, Germany)

"Today we only clean once a day with high air pressure. Our experience in the past has been that the fine-meshed cooling-fins became increasingly clogged up. We had to clean manually, on an hourly basis and that meant 10 to 15 minutes with high-pressure air. In addition, once a day we had to clean all the coolers with high-pressure steam. By using Cleanfix fans, we saved at least two hours per day, per machine."